Our Ingredients

Asian Botanicals are the core of AMOREPACIFIC skincare. Believing that beauty secrets are found in nature, we unearth the wisdom of Asian Botanicals and use these ingredients in the ultimate skin care products.

Using Green Tea, Bamboo Sap and Red Ginseng, among other ingredients to form our proprietary complexes, we nourish the skin on a deeper level, utilizing the best of nature and science.

EGCG polyphenol found only in Green Tea and is one of the most powerful antioxidants on earth. The compound helps reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles and increases skin hydration. 

Bamboo is one of the most resilient plants on Earth and grows over 3 feet each day making it among the most dynamic plants. Bamboo is known for its elegance, strength and resilience because of its natural ability to grow and flourish under extreme environmental conditions. Bamboo Water has long been considered one of the most precious drinks in the world. Traditional Korean Medicine prescribes it for purification and well-being; the Japanese call it “divine water” ingested to promote and maintain overall good health. At the heart of the Bamboo plant is the “sap” which was until now impossible to stabilize for use in skincare products. Extraction of AMOREPACIFIC Bamboo Sap is performed only during the months of May, June and July each year. Rich in minerals, sugars and amino acids, precious Bamboo Sap’s primary benefit is its intensive hydrating benefits.

Red Ginseng contains the highest levels of saponin which is maximized by our harvesting methods during peak months in September and October. Ginseng has been used as a medicinal cure-all for centuries in Asia, known as a longevity-promoting medicine with anti-aging benefits. Today, ginseng is ingested to promote overall well being and provide essential antioxidants. Its ability to energize, balance, strengthen and protect make it an ideal ingredient for skincare. Ginseng is grown in China, Korea and other East Asian countries and requires 6 years to cultivate. The mineral-rich ginseng is a rich source of energizing, fortifying minerals and other nutrients resulting in increased skin energy and vitality.