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Color Control Cushion Compact (Broad Spectrum SPF 50)



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Amazing product. You must try it.

This will be my 3rd winter using this amazing product. It goes on smooth, silky, effortlessly. It offers the right amount of coverage but never gives me that "oh ur wearing so.much base," look. It does not turn crispy around imperfections and blends with undereye cover up. Before you buy another base, try this product. Also available at Sephora.

Great but Shade Range is Lacking

I love the weightless coverage, but so sad that there aren't any true yellow undertone shades available. There isn't a light yellow shade (not golden). I am Korean with fair skin that has TRUE yellow undertone. Really bummed because there is so much pink in all the shades and the yellow ones are more golden and way too dark. Please consider broadening the shade range.

The Good and the Bad

This foundation has what I call Goldilocks coverage! Just right! I love the moderately dewy finish. I can touch up and it doesn't look like a touch up because it glides on so smoothly. What I don't like is the CC effect. I don't want my makeup to adjust color. I want it to be the color it is. I also don't want SPF in my makeup ~ especially not 50. If I want sunscreen, I'll put it on. I also wish there were more colors. I have to add various other products most of the year to get the correct shade. It would be great to have some more neutral tones to choose from with less orange undertones. It seems like the pink shades (104 and 106) still have a lot of orange.

Need Refills!

The product itself is great, but it is so wasteful to have to purchase a new compact every time! Please start selling refills separately!


I just tried it wid my friends to see if its really worth buying i stayed it overnight snd guess what,i never had very sensitive and dis foundation is good snd awesome!!!!


Was looking for super light weight, more natural product with SPF and this is the ultimate winner!! I can't believe how my skin tone looks super even and you can't tell I'm even wearing it! Unbelievable!! You have to give this product a try!! 10+ Stars!!!

One satisfied customer!

I love this foundation! I ran out and was panicking couldn't wait for my order to come in.


I hate having to buy a new compact when I run out? Why don't you sell only the refills!

Worth it!!

I was given a sample pack from the girl that did my wedding makeup and I absolutely fell in love with it. I decided to go ahead and make a purchase-I'm glad I did!
The foundation application is so smooth and makes my skin look flawless. I'm not in love with the makeup pad it comes with so I purchased a separate foundation brush. I will never try another foundation!

Sephora sales Chris was very helpful,ty

Love this coverage very light and primarily for the SPF50 for light coverage without the heavy cream.
Will try Lenaige at half the price with slightly more coverage as BBCreqm with SPF50 fro traveling handy make up touch up;)'

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