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Treatment Enzyme Peel


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70 g / 2.5 fl.oz.

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Excellent -would absolutely recommend!

This product is amazing!! Even after 1st use, my skin felt and looked better, and was super smooth. Non-irritating, easy to use. I love it!

For the price it's worth every penny you can't beat it and I also love it because it is not a harsh scrub.

I have been using this product at least once a day for a few years now, it makes my skin feel smooth and clean. I love how it comes pre measured when you turn it upside down in your hand. The bottle lasts forever and is one of my favs.

Best peel I have ever used

My skin is extremely sensitive to products. I can tell the quality of these ingredients are very high because my skin is glowing and baby soft after using this once. I love that this product is gentle enough to every day, however I use this peel about 3x a week and only a small amount of the pre-measured amount. I know the price tag is high, but this product will last a long time being that its powder and you need just a tiny bit. I find that this product works even better when I spritz my face with the Avène thermal spring water prior to lathering. Amazing! Please don't stop making this product!


This product dramatically changed the texture, tone and clarity of my facial skin. I noticed results within the first few uses and have never stopped using this product. I use this product nightly and love the brightening results!

I have sensitive skin - I cannot use any types of cloth, wipes, scrubbing beads, glycolic acid, or AHA/BHA acids. Harsh exfoliating products make my skin red and irritated. AP TREATMENT ENZYME PEEL does not irritate or cause any redness.

One bottle will last you awhile, you don't need to sprinkle too much powder for it to create a lovely creamy foam. Feels soft, and has a clean fragrance.

Worth to have one

highly recommend!you will have a clean and smooth skin after using this!


This is one of my many favorites in the oil free moisture bound family. Smells incredible and gets the job done without stripping my skin.

Do your face a favor

This retexturized my face and my life. Every day is a 'just had a fresh peel' day-without the redness. Tdf

I'm impressed

I don't have much experience with enzyme peels. I usually use AHA peel pads. This was referred to me and upon first try it delivered impressive results. It removed excess oil but didn't dry out my skin. I would definitely use this again. Wonder how it would perform over time.

Youthful look

This product works amazingly. It is not harsh at all. It will leave your complexion looking clear, smooth, and youthful. Since this product is gentle, I didn't expect to see such amazing results! Wonderful product!


I got a sample of this from Sephora, and have LOVED it. It makes my skin feel super soft and smooth, and isn't at all harsh or drying. Will purchase the full size once the sample runs out!

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