About Us

Why Green Tea?

Green tea has more antioxidants than any other variety of tea, making it the gold standard of anti-aging ingredients. Specifically, it is packed with catechins, a superior antioxidant that offers incredible skincare benefits like improving skin clarity, texture, and elasticity. The most abundant and hard-working catechin in green tea is EGCG. This powerful catechin reduces free radicals on the skin, the damaging particles responsible for fine lines, wrinkles, and other signs of aging. By scavenging free radical buildup, EGCG improves the condition of the skin, preserving a glowing, youthful look. EGCG is also known to reduce roughness and visible sagging as well as protect skin from pore-clogging bacteria. With our extensive research, we have been able to further evolve EGCG’s already incredible capabilities. After 228,000 experiments on 4000 green tea species our dedicated scientists invented a new form of EGCG that not only reduces signs of aging but also helps skin to behave younger. 

Green Tea + Pioneering

As the pioneers of green tea in skincare, we have spent decades studying every inch of the plant from seed to root to leaf to flower. The only brand to cultivate its own green tea ingredients, our private garden flourishes on Jeju Island in South Korea. Here, volcanic soil, an ideal climate, and plentiful sunlight nourish our own exclusive species of green tea 40 years in the making. Our scientists research every possible way the plant can benefit the skin and innovate new methods of capturing its essence. We unlock green tea’s full potential by utilizing each precious part, season by season, so that every formula is infused with a comprehensive blend of nutrients that deliver beautiful skin, one drop at time.

Artisan Process

From seed to skincare, every step of our process is defined by passion, patience and precision. First, we research and cultivate the most efficacious ingredients. We then use artisanal processes to yield the most potent form of each ingredient. Because of our extensive experience, we understand the importance of going above and beyond when caring for our green tea plants in order to get the most benefits from them. When we harvest our green tea leaves, we don’t just handpick them. We gently pluck the leaves with the less dominant hand, at dawn, only 15 days of the year . We spend 100 days to achieve the perfection that is Vintage Single Extract Essence. First the green tea leaves are naturally fermented for 50 days and then placed in traditional Korean ongis by tea masters in a special location of our garden where they age for another 50 days. The green tea in the Time Response Collection undergoes a state-of-the-art dual extraction method to preserve the potency of the bud’s active ingredients. Each product is its own masterful celebration of artisanship beauty that can be fully experienced during the ritual of using them . We believe that this level of incredible care and unwavering attention shown to every step of the process is what makes our products the epitome of luxury.

Seasonal Skincare

At our own private green tea garden on Jeju Island, South Korea, vital parts of the green tea plant are meticulously grown and handpicked at the peak of their optimal potency, at precise times of the year, during specific hours of the day, ensuring superior efficacy for their use in skincare. In the spring, the first green tea leaves are picked during the first 15 days of April. These leaves are rich with amino acids that have a profound moisturizing effect on the skin. The summer brings forth fuller, larger leaves that have basked in abundant sunlight, increasing their caffeine content which works to promote circulation in the skin. The plant’s precious flowers bloom during fall’s full moon and are packed with ingredients that have anti-inflammatory properties and work to inhibit melanin production, while the green tea seeds of the winter moisturize and balance the skin. We continue to develop the technology necessary to brew these pure ingredients directly from their natural source, as each part of the plant requires its own intricate extraction method to perfectly capture its potency.

Brand History

Driven by his firm belief in the healing power of precious botanicals, our founder’s vision was simple but profound: Sung-Hwan Suh wanted to restore traditional Korean tea culture and share it with the world. In 1979, he discovered the barren lands of Jeju Island—a place where only he had the foresight to see opportunity. Tucked between mountains and the ocean, the land was covered with volcanic rocks and ashes. Rock by rock, Sung-Hwan Suh slowly uncovered the exceptionally fertile volcanic soil—10 times richer in minerals than normal soil.
The soil was not the only thing that made Jeju Island the optimal environment for green tea to flourish. The cool mountain breeze combined with the humid ocean wind created the perfect climate, while the slight incline of the field allowed sunlight to evenly touch every inch of the garden. Here, our legendary Dolsongi tea field was born from Sung-Hwan Suh’s perseverance and devotion. Convinced the benefits of green tea could be experienced in more ways than just drinking it, he went on to set up a research center to study, extract and formulate green tea as a beauty ingredient, pioneering the use of green tea in skincare.
Wanting to share the unprecedented beauty benefits of this indigenous Korean botanical with the world, he launched AmorePacific (translated “sending our love of beauty to the West”) in both the United States and Korea in 2003. The first brand to scientifically discover the positive effects of green tea on the skin and the only beauty company in the world to cultivate its own green tea ingredients, AmorePacific is now available in 5 countries around the world and continues to unearth botanicals and evolve scientific methods to create highly efficacious skincare for beautiful skin.